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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I fed the Christmas cake its weekly dose of whisky last night. I only made the cake about a week ago so it won’t really be as moist and marinated in the spirit as it should be, but hopefully it will still be juicy and tasty (and not put anyone over the drink driving limit!!)

Usually I use brandy but didn’t have any, so this year it is whisky. I hope it tastes ok as it isn’t your single malt variety but the cheaper blended stuff. Not for the connoisseur I guess.

Whatever we soak ourselves in is what we taste like. The steady drip drip of culture, of secularism, of watered down Christianity, which we are fed daily can overwhelm any flavour of Jesus if we’re not careful and vigilant.

Jesus warned us to be alert. He advised us to read and know the Scriptures, to soak in them. He himself soaked in Scripture and when he was under pressure, that is what came out. Words of the Bible. 

The steady soaking from our culture is there whether we like it or not. On the radio, on television, in the mouths of our politicians and friends. If we don’t spend time soaking in the Word of God we, too, will begin to taste like the secularist culture in which we now live. 

Instead of the pure unadulterated Truth of Scripture, we speak a blend of truth and lies. Only suitable for spitting out of the mouth.

I do hope that using a blended whisky on the cake won’t make it taste bad.

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