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Thursday, 7 May 2015


Moment by moment. Every moment is part of the journey.
Journeys conjure many things. Trials perhaps. Weariness. Uncertainty. Fun. Laughter. New experiences. New vistas. New opportunities. New friends.
Sometimes, though, we just don't feel like making the effort. At 90, for instance, the idea of moving into a new place, out of what has been home for 63 years, can be a step too far. The unknown, rather than being a concept to embrace with hope and expectation, looms like a giant black hole, sucking one inexorably onwards down a vortex of who know what. Who needs a new experience at that age? Why not sink back and enjoy the familiar, the known, the place of memories and haunted by loved ones now gone?
That may be a choice we will make, and indeed it may be the right choice. But in choosing to remain where we are, we are choosing to miss experiences which God may have lined up for us. Leave your native country, The Lord told Abram. He was old, and settled, but he got up and obeyed and eventually found himself in the promised land, patriarch of a nation.
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