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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Temp at 8 am was 0C! (32F) 

Oh no. Harbinger of things to come. It is beautiful, but the apparent price to pay for a clear blue sky in this northern country, in October, is plunging temps. Maybe there will be a frost tomorrow.

So I’m nearly back to my winter layering. Four today. Five is the usual during winter. Gloves. Scarf.  It’s the tedious part of life in a cold climate – if you just dash outside without a coat, it doesn’t feel good...

Well. At least we don’t have spiders the size of your hand, likeRobbie was describing to me on Sunday. He’s a bit freaked out that it was in the kitchen of his place in northern California. Never mind the bears, mountain lions, and snakes...

At least the traffic is predictable. Hair appointment this morning, and I know it will take me 30 minutes max to reach the hairdressers in Aberdeen. Not like timing appointments in LA, where a jack-knifed truck could snarl the traffic for hours, as Mhairi knows. 

At least there’s plenty of fresh water coming out of the tap. Not like places in India, where women cart water for miles unless a borehole is sunk in the village. 

So I won't let my mood nosedive with the temps. I’ll put on that extra layer, and be thankful.

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