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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sensory Perception

A small posy of sweet peas perfumes the air beside me. There is something near divine about the fragrance of sweet peas, and roses. And lilies: I have been blessed over the weekend by people I love bringing me bouquets of lilies. God is good, and the fragrance of those lilies reminds me of the love of family and friends.

Walking Dusty this morning, I saw a common old garden pigeon lift off the field and fly to the top of a tree. I thought how magnificent an achievement that is! To be able to lift your body by the power of your wings and fly so high – it makes it seem much more splendid than a common old garden pigeon. 

God’s creation is amazing!

We continued along the road, where the field is raised above the road and obscured by the vegetation. I turned back to wait for Dusty and became aware of a noise. The noise of cows grazing peacefully through the field above, out of sight yet revealed because I could hear them. Praise God for my hearing!

Further along, my nostrils were assailed by the smell of death. I doubt if I smelled that when I grew up in a big city, thankfully, but here in the country it’s a smell I recognize. Perhaps it was a deer in the undergrowth, or a rabbit or something else. It’s not a nice smell. Everything in creation is not thriving; the fall has spoiled what God had planned.

These perceptions reminded me of how dormant our spiritual senses have become. I know of some people whose lives are so entwined with the Lord's that they can feel a coldness in a room where evil may be lurking; some who can see light surrounding someone who is being blessed by God in a particular way; some who can hear clearly when God guides. 

These people are not special. God is special, and his desire is that we all live open and receptive lives, alert and responsive to the very real spiritual world which surrounds us.

My prayer today, for you and for me, is that our spiritual senses will be stimulated and satisfied so that we can better serve our loving Creator God.

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