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Friday, 4 May 2012

Sinking deep

Dusty and I diverted from our usual walk this morning. Having followed her nose to the ‘haunted house’, she then lost interest and wanted to turn back, so we went through a field. There are two crops planted in this field, we’ve been told, and at least one has sprouted in absolutely straight rows. We therefore hugged the perimeter of the field – or at least I did – and when I got to the spot where it trails off into rocks and trees, I noticed that many of the plants along the edge row were no longer in place. They had slipped and slid into a wee gully, where the sodden ground still bore signs of a heavy rainfall.

Some of the plants managed to hang on and remain in place. But some were halfway down the slope, some all the way down, and some had disappeared altogether. 

Yesterday I was thinking about the story of Philip sharing the gospel with the eunuch on the desert road. Philip knew his Bible. He was able to pick up what the eunuch was reading out loud, and share the gospel from that point. He was confident and able because he was well grounded in Scripture. His roots were deep.

It is so important to be steeped in the Bible – not only so that we can evangelize or explain about what God has done, but also so that we don’t slip when the heavy rains come.

Because come they will, and a good grasp of God will keep us from sliding away.

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