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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Channel of Peace

Make me a channel of your peace. Remember that song? What the world needs now is love sweet love. Remember that one? 

The world is in desperate need for both of those things – peace and love. Those are the two blessings often wished on each other as we end letters or say our goodbyes. As has often been said, peace is not the absence of war – it is something more pervasive than that. True peace, shalom, penetrates to the inner self and radiates out affecting all those around us. Love is not the absence of hate. It is active, demonstrable, positive and strong and has the power to dispel negative feelings and overcome antagonism and even hatred. 

God is the source of peace and love and he pours it out on us through his grace. We don’t deserve such gifts as he gives and yet he continues to lavish us with his blessings. 

Someone said to me yesterday that every day is a good day when you are not pushing them up but admiring them. A riddle easily solved. Daisies of course. 

So today is a good day. A day when I can give myself to God to become a channel of his peace and love, not because I am good but because he is full of grace and mercy. 

You’ve got to be careful what or who you allow to use you as a channel. You are always safe with God. And what the world needs now - is Jesus.

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