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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


When I realize that I have messed up in some way that might have hurt someone’s feelings or my relationship with someone, my every impulse is to go immediately and try to rectify the situation. I can’t just leave it.

Peter had messed up big time, denying his friendship with Jesus. The events of Easter rolled on and I can imagine Peter was in a daze, but with that underlying sick feeling that something is not right. I wonder if he blurted out an apology the first time he saw the risen Jesus – that would seem to fit his character as he often acted on impulse. 

Whether or not he did, Jesus knew his heart and today I’m thinking about the gentle, powerful way that Jesus restored Peter’s self-esteem as they breakfasted together on bbq’d fish. Three times he asked Peter if he loved him, and then he gave him a commission, a responsibility, showing that he hadn’t given up on Peter’s loyalty.

So good to know God never gives up on me, either.

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