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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Drew back the Curtains

I drew back the curtains to reveal a dark morning. Amongst the spent peas and withering rhubarb, there was movement. I looked longer. A blackbird, hopping amongst the detritus, hoping for breakfast.

As the light strengthened, autumn colours which still bedeck some trees were revealed. I watched as little birds darted here and there amongst the trees, seeking insects, chattering to one another. 

Now, an hour later, the light is as strong as it will get on this November morning. Where the light does not penetrate, the darkness appears darker than ever.

I am the light of the world, Jesus said. We are told that different light has different properties. One shouldn’t be on an electronic device near bedtime because the blue light stimulates something that prevents sleep. There are other wavelengths of light which encourage the zzzs. 

Paul taught that now we’re just seeing through ‘the glass darkly’: what we see is not very clear. As we look to the light of the world, though, things begin to take shape and be revealed for what they are. 

Every day has new challenges to be met, new challenges that I want to meet with the welcoming light of Jesus shining through me, revealing the truth of what the challenge really is. Or at least encouraging me to trust him to help me meet it, whether or not I’m baffled and bewildered by what’s coming.

The light was in the world, but the world didn’t recognise nor receive him. Today, I want to recognise, receive, and transmit his light.

Have a great day.

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