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Friday, 1 August 2014

A Fading Rose bursting with Sweet Perfume

In the tall glass vase in front of me stands a statuesque rose, a Buxom Beauty. A vibrant pink in its heyday, the colour is now fading into a more antique version of pink, and the outlying petals are beginning to brown and dry out.

Still, the magnificent rose has a beauty about it, different from last week, but still arresting in its appearance and fragrance.

In fact, the fragrance seems to have intensified as the visual appearance of the rose has begun to fade.

How true to life this metaphor in front of me is! We are friends with many octogenarians and even nonagenarians, all of whom have the fragrance of a gentle and quiet spirit, and the wisdom of years.

Life is fleeting. Life is good. Celebrate life today, whether you are a newly flowering or a fading rose. 

Let the fragrance of Jesus fill the atmosphere where you live and move and have your being. Let the fruits of the Spirit ripen and sweeten in the experience of those who know and love you.

Live life to the full. That’s what Jesus came to give us. Embrace the moment.

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