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Monday, 11 August 2014

Promised Land

We have a colloquial phrase about ‘going into the Promised Land’. I suppose we think of such a place akin to heaven itself, a place of perfection and peace. 

The Israelites certainly thought of the Promised Land as a place blessed by God in which they could live in peace and prosper. They had a few problems going into it, associated mostly with their lack of faith in God to deliver.

I read the other day that whatever we focus our eyes on grows bigger in our sight. As we focus on our fears, they inflate until they totally overwhelm us. Many are the stories of agonising childbirth experiences which are told to expectant mothers, drawing them to consider elective C sections rather than endure the horrors recounted to them. Others like to inflate the difficulties associated with a probationary teaching year until those embarking on this second part of their teacher training feel overwhelmed and totally intimidated. Just two examples of ways in which what we focus on turns into a giant which can paralyse us in anxiety and initiate self-doubt and fear.

We need to train our eyes to focus on God and to stay there, not to wander. I don’t imagine that David’s gaze shifted from the target of Goliath’s forehead as he slung his rock. But his inner eye would have been totally trained on God, who he knew was mighty to save and to deliver. 

Giants prevent us from entering all that God has for us. We are easily stalled by fears imagined by us or fed us by others. I know that God has a promised land he dreams that each of us will step in to. 

Today I want to extend the borders by focusing on God and trusting him for what he has promised.
Years ago, he promised that he would find the publisher for one of the books I have written. I am waiting for the fulfilment of that promise, but I am aware that over the years I’ve not so much shifted my gaze on to giants as let my eyelids droop and fall asleep. In other words, I’ve kind of given up on the fulfilment of that promise. But today, publicly and deliberately, I am going to refocus my gaze on God to deliver on this promise, and move forward into a new writing project.

I am going into a new neighbourhood of my promised land, trusting in God all the way. How about you?

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