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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Grace and Favour

The last day of a challenging year. I come to God asking forgiveness for my many shortcomings over this year, over these last 24 hours even, and I am given grace and favour. I know that without him, I can never be the dance of life that I want to be for others. Only as I allow Jesus free expression in my life can his joy and life explode onto the darkness that often surrounds us.

He helps me to allow him that freedom in my life. I empty myself of all regrets over this past year, accept his love and forgiveness, and make room for the dance of life and joy that is God. Our loving Heavenly Father.

We navigated the year with his help. I just watched a video clip of the bridge at Cambus o'May being washed out by the flooding river Dee, and think there were times this year when I felt like that beleaguered bridge. But Jesus never let me go.

So as this year ends, I don't reflect that it was awful, but instead that God was great. As doubt and indecision, denial and even love stalled my actions, he chivvied me along. I think of those others who have walked this particular path with me this year and feel so grateful to God for their practical involvement and prayerful help. I marvel that the Father had just enough people in place at critical moments to maintain safety and show love.

I have often felt at a distance from mom and Mhairi during this year, but God was never closer. I am overwhelmed by gratitude and quiet joy.

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