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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Giving Myself

I just read the parable of the talents. You know the one, where the first two people invest and use their talents and give the master a return when he returns. The third buries his and keeps it safe to give back to the master.
Sometimes I have thought this story might be a bit about risk. The third guy being cautious with money and thinking maintaining the status quo was the best outcome. But today it was crystal clear to me. It is all about who the three people think the master is.
What we think of God determines how we act in the world, in the everyday lives we live. If we think of him as a harsh and demanding being who is looking for sinless perfection in us, we will be cautious in everything we do. We will be judgmental and critical of those whose failings are glaringly obvious.
But if we know God, and we know how much he loves us and just what he did to enable us to live with him forever, we will live lavish and generous lives, making the most of the gifts he has given us.
Especially at Christmas, as we think of Jesus among us, God's amazing love is revealed for all who have eyes to see.
I am running so far behind in the annual Christmas race that there is no point in starting to run now. I have been busy with other things, and this will be a Christmas where the emphasis is on relationships and giving of ourselves to each other.
That is what our living Heavenly Father has given to us. Himself. What will I do with that gift today, as I head to the dentist, babysitting, maybe buying a Christmas tree? I pray that he will shine through all I do.

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