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Monday, 25 January 2016


Prepare the way

We’re getting estimates for repaving our driveway. A man came out this morning and explained what would need to be done.

The potholes need filling in. The moss needs scraping off. Then they can lay down a new layer of tarmac. The drive opening would be edged with kerbing because of the frequent pressure of a tractor entering and exiting the field there. For an extra cost, we can kerb the edges the length of the drive, which will preserve the integrity of the edges. Otherwise, as oil and coal trucks trundle up the drive and overspill onto the verge, the tarmac will begin to crumble.  The edges are vulnerable to cracking up.

Prepare the way of the Lord. What potholes are in my life today that need filling in? Which vulnerable points are beginning to crumble? Where has moss taken root in my life, obscuring the way and turning it into a slippery slide? 

Time to evaluate.

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