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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Shifting Sands

One of the things that blocks out the Lord is our independence. When things are going well, we rely on our own innate abilities and strengths and forget our need for God. Well, I’m speaking for myself here but I suspect there may be others who fall into this category.

This is why deserts can be a blessing. It’s when I’m in the desert that I cry out to God and I rely on him to reveal the blockages and pitfalls and mountains which impede my progress and keep me in fear. 

There are probably a lot of different types of deserts in the world. I’m no expert but I think I may google that later and explore what they are. I know that there are deserts of stone and then there are deserts of sand, dunes which shift and blow in the powerful winds. Don once rode a train across the Nubian desert and was amazed when it would stop in the middle of nothing but shifting sands and people would get off and head off home bearing their purchases and belongings. He could see no landmarks by which they could navigate but somehow the indigenous desert folk knew how to find their way. 

Perhaps they were guided by celestial lights, the sun and moon and stars. When I feel lost in a desert of shifting sands, the only place to look is to the heavens and trust God to guide me through. Note to self.

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