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Thursday, 16 February 2017

All we need is love, and a little help from our friends...

Full of promise, this amaryllis was saved from neglect in the greenhouse and brought into the warmth of the living room. I am excited to see it bloom once again, as it did last year.

But the other night I knocked it off the table onto the floor and wouldn’t you know, the giraffe-neck stem bent over. Instantly Don sprang to my aid and we found a splint, gave it a good restorative drink (just water...) and leaned it against the kitchen cupboard for added support.

Two days later and it is continuing to grow and open. Soon it will be glorious.

We all get knocks in life. We all need splints in the form of good friends and family to put us back together. And when we get such help, we can still bloom, still emit our own sweet fragrance into this beautiful world. 

Jesus said, Love one another, because love is from God. Love. All we need is love. And a little help from our friends...

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