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Monday, 13 February 2017

Shadows and Camels

I saw a picture yesterday of a photograph which received an award from National Geographic. You may have seen it, too. Taken from high altitude, it showed trails of camels in the desert. It looked good, but it was only when I read the description of the picture that I realized how remarkable it was. 

The black camels which showed so clearly against the desert sands were actually the shadows of the real animals, which only showed up as white lines.

Our lives can be like that. Apparently unremarkable, looking (to us anyway) like nothing more than insignificant lines. The shadows cast by our lives, though, stretch further than we would imagine. Relationships, integrity, compassion, love: these things are observed by others seeing us from a different perspective.  

I want to live my life well, today and every day, so that the shadow I cast is a good one.

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