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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Gratitude and Expectation

Don’t worry. Pray, with gratitude and expectation. That advice may sound hackneyed but when Paul wrote it to the Philippians he was speaking from experience and he was speaking truth.

This week I have been reminded of the power of prayer. Awake in a night, I was reminded of a friend who is suffering with her eyes at the moment. I prayed specifically that she would get an appointment at the eye hospital, an appointment for which she was waiting. In the morning I emailed her to say I’d been praying in the night, and that was my prayer.

A couple of hours later she had a call from the eye hospital asking her if she could come in a couple of hours later. They’d had a cancellation.

We are called to be family, to hold each other before the throne of grace and expect our gracious and merciful Father to hear and act. Then we are encouraged to remember, so that the next time, our expectation is high and our vision is clear as we look for his answer.

I am increasing my prayers for others, praying with gratitude and expectation. How about you?

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