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Friday, 3 March 2017


How pleasant it is when sisters live together in harmony...

Usually these two felines hiss and scrap with each other, sometimes quite viciously. Normally they doze the day away in different rooms. But when the sun is out and the conservatory is toasty, they bury their animosity and tolerate closer proximity.

It’s easier to get along with others when conditions are pleasant, and when there is enough sunshine in the room to share! Easier to be tolerant when everything is hunky dory.

When the pressure is on, how easy it is fall out with one another! Or at least that’s true in my experience. When stresses ease and loads lighten, understanding and tolerance increase and personality differences become positives and not reasons for aggression or snappiness.

When my sister Judy and I hitched around Europe for three months in 1970, we laughed and joked and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There was one time, though, which I remember, as we arrived on the outskirts of Marseille and had to walk into town to find accommodation. We were weary and had different opinions of which direction to take. That is the only time I remember us snapping in anger, and once we found a cheap hotel, I could forgive her for prevailing...and we could laugh about it again.

‘How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along!...It’s like costly anointing oil flowing...it’s like the dew...flowing...Yes, that’s where God commands the blessing...’ Psalm 133

May your day...your weekend...your life (why not?) be harmonious and pleasant and filled with blessing.

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