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Monday, 24 November 2014

Autumn Beauty

Mouldering Damp

While we were away, autumn had its final fling and the trees divested themselves of their brilliant colours. The rain came in copious amounts and the result is a carpet of mouldering brown/black vegetation spread thick at the sides of the drive, on the flower beds and in places on the grass.

It looks horrible, but I know that if I get out there with bin bags and a spade, I can scoop up bags full of nutrients and organic matter which will benefit the garden down the line. Even in the immediate future, the filled bags can rest on top of the carrot crop, protecting them from frost until we need them.

I will leave the black cover on the flower beds for a few months as it helps protect plants from sharp drops in the temp, but must remember in early spring to scoop it off then, so that we can enjoy the snowdrops and crocus which will be fighting their way through the smothering cover.

It’s that season. That season where there is benefit in stepping aside from the daily frenzy and taking a look at whatever is covering me. Things that once distinguished me perhaps, like the glorious autumn leaves which bedecked the trees. Life changes. What once worked for me, works no longer. 

But all is not lost. Nothing should be discarded. 

We are encouraged on every side to recycle, reuse, and avoid wastage. Nothing which has been in my life is wasted. Everything has been beautiful in its time, or at least had a purpose in its time, and is beneficial for the season in which I find myself now.

This is the day the Lord has made. I am rejoicing and being glad in it. I loved the spring and summer of my life, but autumn, too, has its beauties.

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