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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Scurrying in fear or walking in faith?

Be bold, confident in God.

There is an unresolved situation in my life over which I have very little control but for which I have very real responsibility. Over the last few weeks it has had me scurrying along the road of my life in fear, dashing from one safe haven to the next, prey to imagination which always goes to the dire rather than the delightful.

God has reminded me this morning that I walk with him. He has promised never to leave nor forsake me. He encourages me daily not to be afraid – 366 times in the Bible he says this, one for every day including during a leap year! Obviously I’m not the only one scurrying along the road of life, dashing from one inadequate cover to the next and hoping for the best. He put it in the Bible so he could speak those words of comfort to everyone who will listen.

This is not the best which God wants for us. He has given us a good world (which we are rapidly ruining), and life is a good gift which he wants us to enjoy. It is a good gift even when there are challenges.

I often think that men have the desire to ‘fix’ things and don’t like to live in the indecisive limbo between doing all one can and then letting go. But I don’t think that is a trait restricted to men. I see it in me, too. I want to know that things are safe and secure but life itself is never safe and secure.

The situation is what it is, and really, I don’t have a solution which is particularly great, so I am accepting God’s advice to me this morning. 

His word is a lamp to my feet. His words in the Bible and his words to me in prayer are all I need for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself. 

Today, I am putting all my trust, all my hope, all my expectation, in God, and I can feel anticipation rising in me. Anticipation to see what unimagined, wonderful and perfect answer God has in mind for this situation.

I’ve seen him do it before. I remember. I will wait for him. Wait and watch, with hope and anticipation. He is a good God. No more fear. Only faith.

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