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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sunshine in a Vase

Returning to the north of Scotland from southern California in November is always a shock to the system. One of the main contrasts is the light – or lack of it. 

After a couple of weeks basking in a daily dose of warm sunshine, flying into Aberdeen in the late afternoon when it is already dark, buffeted by the wind and lashed by the horizontal rain...it can be a pretty unpleasant shock. Even though it is anticipated.

Still, sunshine awaited us, in the smiles of dear friends waiting to whisk us home, in the blooms of the yellow roses clutched in their hands and in the warmth of their greeting. 

It awaited us in the refrigerator in the form of a delicious risotto lovingly prepared by one of our dear daughters-in-law, and left with a few essentials to start us off again. 

It awaited us in the phone calls and text messages and emails welcoming us home.

Recently someone said something to me which I heard years ago from the pulpit. When asked what a certain place was like to live in, he responded that it depended on your attitude. If you went in ready to make the most of it, with a positive outlook and a cheerful visage, it was a wonderful place with lots of opportunities for new experiences and new friendships. If you went in reluctantly, expecting the worst, that is what you would find.

Life is what you make of it, in other words. We all face challenges. Some of us live in the sunshine and some live in the snow, but neither matters if the light of Christ is that which guides and empowers you. 

It’s good to be home, cold and dark though it is. It was good to be ‘home’ in California too, where I grew up and where part of my heart will always be. But either place, or indeed somewhere else, it is good to be alive in this beautiful world God has given us. 

We are all blessed by the sunshine of his love. May you bask in that today.

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