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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Heat Haze

Sitting barefoot in shorts before an open screen door as the swoosh of traffic on the ever-busy 405 rumbles by, I have just remembered it is the 5th of November. Having lived nearly 4 decades in Scotland, I am more accustomed to wool, gloves, hats and heavy coats on this day as we huddle round bonfires waiting for the fireworks before heading indoors to thaw out.

I have to admit it is a pleasant change, reminiscent of my heavenly childhood days growing up here in Southern California where one rarely requires more than a scarf or light jacket.

Some people choose where they live according to what the weather is like. Hence the millions of people jammed into this once heavenly area. Unfortunately, though, following the sun with the masses only pollutes the atmosphere.

Yesterday we were approached in a parking lot by a distressed young woman seeking help. She didn't ask for money, but needed diapers for her two children.

Genuine? God knows. But yesterday my Bible reading was encouraging me to give to the poor, while also noting the value of working and making a living. We are constantly faced with dilemmas, unsure of whether by helping a poor person in distress you are alleviating or exacerbating a problem.

God's heart is for the poor and the distressed. If you have a moment, please pray for Amy and her two wee ones.

I know I am.

Everything in this lovely area is not perfect. Many cannot afford to live here yet are trapped by circumstances into staying.

May God inspire us all to be generous, not greedy, willing to share the good things we have and be content without always hankering for more.

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