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Friday, 17 April 2015

Condition of the heart

This is the week I seem to have truly joined the 21st century. Well, sort of. I’ve joined Facebook, with much trepidation but already have been rewarded with connecting with some friends who have moved away or moved out of my everyday circle. 

This morning I’ve ripped CDs onto the computer successfully, all by myself, and then synched them to my MP3 player. Now I’m just charging said MP3. 

Mainly I wanted it updated as I purchased a teaching CD set for Russian, which we are struggling to learn. I think if I can just listen to it perhaps my pronunciation won’t be so pathetic.

The thing is, Russian is guttural. I mean way down there in the throat somewhere. The books say a bl sounds like the y in physics, but not when you hear a native say it. I’ve tried pointing my tongue to the roof of my mouth, grinning inanely with mouth closed, grunting rather grossly, and none of it sounds like my friend. So maybe I can copy what the speaker on the CD sounds like.

I remember learning French when I was about 14 and the teacher having us practice saying the u in tu by starting with our mouths in a grin and then gradually pulling our lips into a tight purse as though we were going to whistle. Hilarious and I’m not sure many of us succeeded. 

Human beings have the same mouths, lips, tongues, throats, the world over, but somehow some languages struggle with saying an l or an r, and definitely I am struggling with some of these Russian sounds. 

God made us in his image, but we all have different ways of expressing ourselves, linguistically and in worship. Some are expressive and expansive, some are quiet and private, and God loves us all. The thing is, the condition of the heart matters more than the position of the body.

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