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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Glass Half ... ?

Glass Half ...

Full? Empty? Which kind of person are you?

I always say I’m a glass half full person, but I see the glass beside me is nearly completely empty. It is so easy for me to drink the glass of water and fail to refill it until my thirst can no longer be ignored.

Jesus told the woman at the well that if she’d known who she was speaking with, she’d have asked him for water and he’d have given her a drink that would ‘spring up to eternal life’, and she would never have to visit the well again. 

That sounded too good to be true to her and yet ... she was impressed enough to rush back to town and gather the neighbours to hear this Jew sitting by the well. 

It’s easy for me to refill my glass. Stand up, walk a dozen steps to a tap and there it is, cold and refreshing and good Scottish water. Many places in the world are not blessed with an abundance of clean fresh water. Many people, mainly women, walk for miles, for hours, daily, through dangerous conditions, in order to collect enough water for the day. 

Jesus was talking about the refreshment our spirits need. We are all under pressure, too busy, stressed out, and fail to take time to sit with God at the well. The well might be the Bible. It might be a time of meditating on a Scriptural verse, or on the person of Jesus. It might be a time of prayer and contemplation. It might be a CD played softly or loudly, offering hope and refreshment for the spirit.

I did fill up my spiritual glass this morning, so it’s time to go fill up my physical glass. 

Peter advised his listeners to repent and turn to God, so that their sins could be wiped out and that ‘times of refreshing may come from the Lord.’ May you know such a time of refreshing today.

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