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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Cuddling in

The mist closed in and the plane circled. Eventually the captain made an announcement. The fog was too thick and the plane would have to be diverted a hundred miles away. Passengers would be brought back by coach.

Everyone on the aircraft groaned and mentally began to rearrange schedules, cancel plans, make note of who to call. As the plane made a final circle, the captain suddenly announced that a break in the cloud would give them a chance to set down on the runway. Everyone held their breath fearfully, now anxious that there might be an accident.

The plane landed and everyone carried on with their days as planned. Nobody knew if there was danger in the descent or if it was a fairly normal landing after all.  

Life is odd. We make our plans and think we know what the day holds, but there are myriad ways of those plans being scuppered and the day turning out totally different. We think we know what we’re doing, but...

A woman on the plane was returning from Poland. She had other plans for this week – moving into a new home – but then her gran died and she had to zip back home for the funeral. She’d not slept for a few days. And then the plane nearly got diverted. 

Sometimes it feels that things are stacked against us. I didn’t even know this woman but here she was pouring out her story to me. You could tell it had all been just about too much. Bereavement, house move, thick fog. Too much.

We make our plans but only God knows whether or not they will play out like that. So important to stay close to God. 

My wee granddaughter likes to cuddle in when she needs a break from the constant busyness. That’s the relationship we should have with God – he is there waiting for us to cuddle in when we need a break from life’s concerns.

I’m off to cuddle in.

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