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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


The clematis needs support. It needs a trellis, screwed onto the wall above the dining room window,  to entwine itself into, because otherwise it flops down, leaving the dining room in darkness. 

Now, in the autumn of the year, it flops even more hopelessly as its leaves droop and drop. That will, of course, allow more light in, but we are entering the dark phase of the year when light is short and night is long.

For some reason this all reminds me of the church. We all need support. We need other believers to entwine our lives together, encouraging and maybe sometimes even carrying each other as we walk each other home. 

Without that support, the light that is within us is dimmed by the trials of the world. Without that support, the light that we crave is shrouded and obscured. 

Jesus said to keep our lights visible. The light of Christ shining out of each of us, when we entwine our lives together, gives light in a dark world and fosters hope in dark days.

I thank God for the vibrant church of which I am a member. Support is never lacking, and the light shines bright.

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