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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Creature Discomfort

OK, any resemblance to a fisherman’s tale is coincidental.

Despite waning enthusiasm for the task, yesterday I tackled the spring cleaning in the living room/kitchen, sucking up dust bunnies lurking in corners and wiping down coal-black picture rails, all with one eye on the incredible tennis coming from Wimbledon. A spoon full of sugar...

Late on in the day, as I neared the end of the job, I disturbed a spider that was, as my Dad would have said, ‘as big as a Buick’ (a Buick being an American luxury car). No kidding. The span of my hand, or nearly ... Don was outside; the hoover was out of reach; and this dinosaur spider was running amok on a kitchen counter. He disappeared under a pewter bread dish, perilously close to the box of brownies. Emergency. I gingerly turned over the bread dish, and there he clung, catching his breath before darting manically – perhaps up my arm. Moving smoothly and swiftly with the odd breathy imprecation, I transferred him out the backdoor and into the bushes. Whew. 

No. I don’t have a picture of this Machiavellian devil but believe me, he was huge. So what did Jesus have to say about spiders? Hmm. Not a lot, it turns out.

Onto another creepy crawly – three weeks ago I wrote about unwittingly sharing my blood supply with a couple of ticks. Ugly, creepy, but I managed to remove them myself. Except that now, one of them is red and I am on antibiotics. Tiny but deadly, as opposed to huge but (possibly) harmless.
Turns out Jesus didn’t say much about ticks either.

I’m happy to love creation, but I want it to remain outside where it was created to live, sucking on the blood of deer or cats but not mine. I love God, but he does make it challenging to love all his creatures...

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