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Thursday, 8 March 2012

the big apple

An unseasonably warm day here in the Big Apple, where the pavements are packed with people dashing to important rendezvous points, the sirens wail and the horns honk and the waiters are rude as they serve up supersized meals.
Nevertheless, we have had a great day, with a six hour bus tour which was hosted by a knowledgable native NewYorker. We've seen it all, or most of it, including a wonderful cruise round the Statue of Liberty I. Balmy spring weather which nobody can quite believe. We ended at Ground Zero, a sobering and thought provoking spot. Amazing to see St Paul's church, built around 1776 and where George Washington worshipped, standing across the street from the World Trade Center and yet only had one window broken. Seems some are attributing some sort of supernatural protection to its survival.
Well, who knows. I am sure God has been with us so far as our meeting at JFK was great and all has been well so far.
Tomorrow in Jerusalem, or at least on our way,
Can't wait.

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