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Monday, 5 March 2012

Excitement Rising - how about the temperature?

Into final countdown until the Big Adventure to the Big Apple and Beyond – all the way to the Holy Land! 

My To-Do lists are beginning to have more ticks and scored off bits than glaring gaps – apart from the ‘Prepare to Pack’ and ‘Pack’! 

My mind has been a maelstrom of disparate thoughts but all are beginning to coalesce into – have I made all the contingency plans possible for meeting Mom at JFK? The thought of it turns my blood to water but at least that doesn’t clot...

Next week at this time I shall be in Jerusalem. That is just such an amazing thought I can hardly take it in. I am preparing myself to feel all sorts of emotions as I walk in the land where Jesus walked. I remember how I felt walking in Ephesus and other places Paul visited or lived in.

Meanwhile, my biggest task on today’s list was the annual trip to the dentist and the underlying frisson of anxiety that he may just discover some deadly decay burrowing into a tooth. But no, today everything was perfect.

Now I’ve had a message on the answer machine. Snow in Jerusalem. NO! It’s not possible. I’m hoping to warm up there, but maybe that isn’t to be. How can I immerse myself in the Jordan and the Dead Sea, if it is snowing?

Well. We’ll see. Weather is beyond my control, as is most of the rest of the journey once we start. 

 So I am beginning to set my face towards Jerusalem. As Jesus did over two millennia ago. 

But unlike me, he was in perfect control of every detail. Though it might not have seemed so to others at the time.

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