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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Travelling Light

So many cables! Chargers. Converters. 

I wouldn’t call myself a high-tech traveller. But by the time you get all your bits and pieces, you find your bag is like spaghetti junction.

I’ve just about reached the point of saturation thinking, where I’ve rehearsed every contingency in my travels so often I just want to go and see what unrehearsed events impinge on the operation and require split second decisions. 

I just want to go.

I knew I was at that point when I found myself cleaning the second shower. What? The day before I fly and I’m cleaning the house?

Well, you know.

Back to the cables. All there to connect to the power. To keep me in touch with loved ones. To hear music. To take photos and record this experience of a lifetime.

How grateful I am that I don’t need some divine power cable to connect to God. I don’t need a converter to change the plug when I travel. I don’t have to worry about the battery running out right at the critical moment.

Of course ideally I will keep in touch with God constantly, my inner battery constantly fully charged. But even when I mess up, when I forget to recharge my relationship, I know that when I cry out for help, he won’t have taken a huff and gone dead on me. He’ll be there, responsive, forgiving, listening.

I’m travelling light. In more ways than one.

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