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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Are you connected?

A family birthday looms large and I was given an on-line gift list from which to choose. That’s great – it means he gets what he wants and I get it from the comfort of my living room. EXCEPT ...

In order to purchase the gift I chose, I needed to log into the site, which I’ve been on before for various gift items. Logging in of course means a password, which of course I’ve forgotten. So, I apply for a new one, which is emailed to me, and I click on their secure site and fill in a box and hey, presto, I can now enter that on the shopping site and ...

Now my credit card has expired. I need to re-enter a new one. Then there seems to be a problem with the delivery address. Oh, and I need to add a descriptor. Great, now ...

The credit card issuer has another security hoop through which I must jump. Try to remember the stuff. Fortunately I do, and yippee, the birthday gift should be winging its way my way.

In time for said bday.

I am so grateful that I don’t need a password to talk to God. I don’t need to remember a security word or question. I don’t need a credit card. 

Speaking to God is free. He’s always available. And because he knows everything, he doesn’t need to test my validity by keeping security questions up his metaphorical sleeve. He knows if I’m serious about having a relationship with him, or if I’m just out for all I can get.

And whatever the case, he still loves me unconditionally and is ready to talk.

Of course, if I want to speak to him constantly, throughout my day and night, I can keep the line open via the Holy Spirit, who takes me right through Jesus to God. I don’t ever need to log off, and nobody is going to hack in. 

The line is open, secure, and hassle-free. 

So why is it so hard for folks to connect?

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