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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Charity shops are enjoying a boom time it would seem, judging from their proliferation in most towns. I heard that one of them in our town was pulling in £35K per week – unbelievable as that sounds. 

There are many wealthy folks in this vicinity, who easily tire of their clothes, it seems, and are quick to cast them down to the charity shop and replenish the wardrobe with the season’s latest fashions. The less affluent are able to snap up designer brands for bargain prices. And the charity benefits.

It’s great that the charity benefits financially, but in fact when you think about it, nobody in the chain has gone without, or sacrificed, anything in order to help someone in need. 

Someone said – is it in the Bible? I can’t remember – that it is terrible to give to the Lord something that cost him/her nothing. That a gift to God should represent a sacrifice of some sort.

Tithing – giving 10% off the top of earnings – is significant enough to pinch most peoples’ pockets. Many Christians tithe, giving to God the first fruits of their labour. 

But I suppose that for some tithing is still just like giving to a charity shop. It eases the conscience and pleases the person purchasing the item, and raises money enough to help the cause. 


God does say that the sacrifice he desires is a contrite heart, looking after the downtrodden and the poor, and fighting injustice.

But I still think a gift to God should cost me something. I should notice I don’t have it to spend on myself.

I think this needs some thought.

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