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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Scotch Mist Disruptions

It may sound exotic and mysterious. But as the mist descends ever thicker on the saturated earth beneath, essential landmarks are lost and risks increase.

Awaiting the longed-for arrival of a plane bearing beloved mother and daughter, I am beginning to wonder if they will be able to land. The website for the airport shows many flights cancelled, but theirs, so far, still scheduled. That could mean they are en route, so the prayers now are that they are not diverted to another, less fogged-in, airport, and bussed up. That would not be funny.

The most straight-forward of journeys can so quickly go awry. You look at the timetable and it looks grand. Then the blizzard sweeps in, as it did when I struggled to get home when my dad died at Christmas, and ended up stuck in Newark for four days. Praying there is no major disruption as folks fly in for a wedding.

The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley, as the Scots bard wrote. Proverbs 19:21 says ‘Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.’

I hope his purpose is to get Mhairi and Mom here today. Scotch mist or not.

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