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Thursday, 14 June 2012


Today our walk took us down the road past the ‘haunted house’ and through the ‘enchanted forest’. 

A few years ago, the muddy track was levelled and graded and a skim of rough stones was spread on the top.

For awhile it was an eyesore to us. We’d quite liked the pastoral, natural appearance of the muddy track and this new ‘road’ felt like a giant scar on the landscape. Gradually the weeds and grasses have seeded themselves between the stones, however, and now it gives a softer appearance. 

Until today I was thinking they were just weeds and grasses. But this afternoon, as the sun fought its way through heavy grey cloud cover, I noticed tiny violets smiling up at me, their pert heads bobbing in the breeze. Purple, with yellow and black markings. I couldn’t help but smile.

Perhaps the message is that no path we might tread is seeded only with weeds. There are always flowers amongst them.

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