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Monday, 25 June 2012


My life seems to be one of constant preparation.

We had eight overnight two nights running this weekend, and ten for dinner. I wanted to enjoy them, to be able to sit with them and get to know this team of theology students who are studying with our son. I wanted to hear what they are thinking and participate. 

But I also needed to feed them and have beds ready. So that required prep.

I wanted to be Mary, but I had to be Martha first. 

It worked, though. It was fabulous, fun and – exhausting in a good kind of way! 

And now I’m on to the next prep. My mother and daughter flying in together on Thursday. Eldest son getting married on Saturday. In an outdoor ceremony, and the forecast is for rain.

Prep. As long as we have prepared for all contingencies, we can enjoy the festivities.

So I will bustle off again to be Martha. But my plan is to have plenty of Mary time, soon.

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