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Monday, 5 January 2015

January Joy

Empty house. No happy laughter emanating from any of the spare bedrooms. No raucous games being played beside a roaring fire. No cars coming and going up the drive. 

The fridge is emptying as we two continue to eat our way through left-overs. May be finished today; if not, certainly by tomorrow.

Not so the many cookies, so I happily gave a box to the teenagers I saw today at their Bible study. And the chocolate drawer is pleasantly full. That doesn’t go bad if we pace ourselves on it.

The party’s over. The tree is down. The boxes are packed for the attic. The Christmas cards are waiting in baskets for rereading and praying over during the year to come. 

Yes, a sense of flatness. A temptation to pronounce negative comments about January. But on the other hand...

...I had time to sit and think, read my Bible, pray, without interruption today – however welcome those interruptions were, it is nice to sit in silence and peace. 

God makes everything beautiful in its time, and once again I notice that January can be beautiful in its starkness, in its austerity.

May yours be beautiful.

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