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Saturday, 31 January 2015


Bird feeders hung empty, swinging in the strong winds. Tree branches denuded of the feathered friends who usually flit and dance round the feeders and the fat balls. I’d forgotten to feed them.

The sleet sweeps across the fields and there isn’t much food in the frozen north for these wee birds to eat. I’ve now replenished the feeders and the first birds are back, trying to eat a third of their body weight in order to remain alive through these winter months.

Some of the birds cling to the wire feeder; some perch on the stick perches nibbling at seeds; some hop along the ground gathering up the seed which falls and others peck at the fat balls or the breadcrumbs on the earth.

(The cats are inside!!)

However much they eat in one day, by the next day these creatures need to fill up again.

Much like our spiritual stomachs, which we need to feed daily if we are to stay spiritually alive and able to hear and respond to our Lord’s voice when he guides and directs.

The one who feeds on Jesus will live because of him. Don’t let a day go by where you miss that meal.

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