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Friday, 9 January 2015

Something I Ate...

I was just trying to avoid throwing food away. So I ate a couple of out-of-date items I found in the fridge, purchased over the holiday period when our home was a hive of activity. 

I should have rejected them both. I didn’t particularly want them. I just felt guilty throwing food away.

I spent the night vomiting, violently, and now, two days later, still feel a bit on the queasy side. Enough said.

The Bible regularly identifies the Word of God as food for the soul. We are to eat it, read it, chew it over, allow it to feed our souls with good nourishment. Most of us spend much more time chewing on words which don’t feed our souls. Some of these words are like fast food, pleasing to taste but lacking nutritional value. Others are poison, not just failing to enrich but positively making our spirits sick. 

The news is sparking with stories of sick people doing unspeakable things to others. We live in a culture of sound-bites and alarmist headlines, and many react without taking time to really chew over the facts of situations and allowing God to speak into them.

The antidote to sick thinking is healthy living, healthy food. We need to watch what we eat.

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