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Friday, 30 January 2015

Winter sunshine

Winter sunshine streams through rain-spotted windows, revealing the film of dust spread across mahogany furniture. Sigh. I didn’t see that coming. I was going to contrast the seductive sunshine drawing me outside with the bitingly chill wind which instantly negates any warmth there might be in those rays. Two different thoughts there. 

How welcome the sunshine is at any time of year, but especially in winter and when the rest of the British Isles are blanketed in snow. It whispers of spring; it hints at blossom and buds, nesting birds and longer days. 

But not yet, the wind shrieks. Not yet. Keep that warm hat and scarf on, gloves and thick coat.
Deceptive, and even after all these years I am still easily deceived by a big sun in a blue sky. In California that generally means it’s warm. Or hot. Not so in Scotland.

Put on the armour of God, Paul advised the Ephesians, to protect against deception and attack from the enemy. It’s easy to be drawn into things. To overlook dangers. To assume safety. 

Even after all these years as a Christian, I can still be deceived by appearances, suggestions, hints which appear good but in fact are not. Without the armour of God; without standing in the strength of Jesus, I am lost.

And the dust revealed on the furniture? Ach well, it’ll wait for another day.

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