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Monday, 12 January 2015

Weather Windows

The weather really does a number on my windows. 

My mother used to say she would wait until after the rainy season to wash the outsides of the windows because otherwise the first drops of rain negated all the effort.

The trouble with living in Scotland is that the weather is year-round, so while I sometimes hear my mom’s voice reassuring me that it’s ok to wait until better weather to wash the windows, I can’t actually see out of them very clearly just now.

The sun is out this afternoon so I may just steel myself to wrap up warm and get out there, but we’ll see... 

Streaks and smudges tend to concentrate my vision – on the streaks and smudges. Instead of seeing through the glass to the views and the beauties outside, my eyes focus in on the dirty windows. 

Life can be like that. I can be so aware of my own failings or those of others that I fail to see the beauty of the gift that life is. Seeing failings makes me sigh and feel downhearted; Jesus invites me to bring my failings to him and he will wipe them away, wash the window clean, and enable me to regain an undistorted view of life as God intends it to be. 

Like Scottish weather, my own nature keeps on throwing up those smudges and streaks on the window of life, so I can’t wait until the sinful season passes, because it won’t. I need to bring my smudges to Jesus every day so he can wipe the glass clean and I can carry on living the abundant life which he wants me to live. 

He is the great divine window-washer; hope it’s not too irreverent to say it would be nice if there were a great practical window-washer down here who would pop in every so often to clean my windows!!

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