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Friday, 27 February 2015

A Warm Embrace

The sun always makes me think of God. Of the Son. I don’t know why, because God is in the storm and snow and wind and rain, too. 

I suppose it is the idea that Jesus is the Light of the world. Sun = Light = Son.

Growing up in California the sun meant warmth if not downright heat. I’ve found it a bit more deceptive here in Scotland, and on a day like today, for instance, I could dive outside expecting a warm embrace and instead be startled by icy fingers.

Where there is sun, though, there is potential for warmth, potential for growth. In the one or two sundrenched corners round our home, where walls create a sun trap, the heat is teasing those bulbs into wake-up stretches after their winter of hibernation. It’s not all down to the sun, of course, as there are other factors at play – precipitation, nutrients, adequate space for growth.

End of February. Spring is around the corner. We are all stretching, tentatively, aware that there could be more winter weather to come, but beginning to reach up in response to the increased heat and light.

I heard faith defined as a response in a great sermon last week. (You can catch the talk on banchorywestchurch.com). As the Son reaches out to us in love, mercy and grace, it is the natural response to stretch back to be drawn into His embrace. And that is faith. Relationship with the Almighty Creator of the universe through his amazing, triumphant Son Jesus.

I may find icy fingers on my skin outside today, but I know when I dive into Jesus – through prayer or reading my Bible – I will find a warm embrace. Hallelujah....

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