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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Keep up your fluids

Apparently the spine’s health and flexibility depends at least a bit on its being properly lubricated. 

Meaning we should all be drinking plenty of water – 2 litres per day – to keep it in optimum health.
One more thing to try to remember to do. Maybe just after I’ve finished the Pilates routine...

Jesus said that if we go to him and ask him for water he will give us a spring that bubbles up to eternal life, and we’ll never thirst again (spiritually speaking). 

Makes me think that if we don’t drink the water he gives, our spiritual spines will begin to creak and groan and slip disks. We need to rehydrate from Jesus in order to maintain flexible spiritual strength, or we run great risks. 

Spiritual dehydration looks like burn-out. It looks like despair. It looks like apathy, distraction, and loss of faith if it goes on too long. 

I’m not sure how I can measure 2 litres of Jesus water but I guess that sitting in his presence can top it up, and I should know when I feel full up.

Had a good day of filling up today between my own time with Jesus, then church, and then The Well.
Tomorrow, though, is another day!

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