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Monday, 2 February 2015

Feed Me!

The flock of birds were waiting for a refill on this snowy, below-freezing morning in February. Groundhog day, though that’s another story and not one that is observed in Scotland.

Peanut and grain feeders replenished and an apple cut and placed on the ground, and they resume their task: to eat enough today to stay alive.

As I prayed over our world, I prayed for those in refugee camps. I thought of those people, often without hope, purpose, or vision. I thought of them as they wait like the birds, hoping to be fed today. Nursing grief and anxiety, sorrow and loneliness and fear, living in substandard accommodation and dependent on hand-outs: it is not the way God designed it.

The birds don’t crave dignity and respect. They just focus on eating and staying alive so they can procreate and raise up the next generation to fill our world with beauty and play their part in the fertility of flowers, fruit and so on. 

The refugees must crave many things. Not least a fresh vision of where God fits into their situation. How hard it must be to hang on to faith when all has been swept away. 

There are examples in the Bible of those who did just that, though. Take Job, sorely tried and afflicted but he never turned against God and eventually God spoke to him. There are others, too, who kept their faith in their Lord to deliver, though as Daniel’s friends said, even if God didn’t save them from the fiery furnace they would still worship and trust in him.

How would I do under such severe testing? There’s no knowing. My task today is not to imagine how I would do but to pray for those who are in the testing times now, that our compassionate and loving Lord will deliver them, will feed and clothe and rescue them from the oppressors.

Our hope is built on Jesus Christ, who is faithful.

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