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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Harps in heaven? Or cellos?

Dear God,

Why, I wonder, are heavenly beings always pictured plucking harps?Are those the only instruments in heaven?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against the gentle tinkling of harps, fingers cascading over the jillion strings like water over rocks on a slope. I’ve enjoyed a few brunches in California with the mellifluous tunes providing enough background to muffle the talk of the other diners while not overwhelming conversation.

However, I’m rather partial to the deep, sonorous voice of the cello. Carpal tunnel is restricting me now but still, when I throw caution to the wind and play it, those low registers resonate with depth and beauty right to the inner reaches of my very soul and well, if you’re still listening, God, I’d prefer a cello in heaven to a harp, if it’s all the same to you...

Thanks – with love from your ‘needs more practice’ cello-playing daughter...

Maybe this topic sounds a bit frivolous but actually, I think it goes to the heart of who we think our God is. If we know him to be a loving, loyal, fun-loving character (how could he not be fun-loving and still create giraffes, for instance?) then we would expect him to indulge our musical preferences, wouldn’t we? I mean, I’m not sure about the screeching riffs of a Jimi Hendrix-style guitar, ;-), but surely the richness of a cello beats the tinkly tumble of tones plucked on a harp. 

Someone has written that they believe that what we have practiced and tried to improve on earth, we will carry on in heaven. I guess, then, that I would quite like a computer for writing on, and a cello, please. 

Oh, and all my loved ones around me. That goes without saying.

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