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Saturday, 21 February 2015



Is it found in colours? Red? As some would say?

Is it found in rabbit’s feet (not so lucky for the rabbits)? Four-leaf clovers? Upside down horseshoes? Crossed fingers, touched wood?Charms?

It’s kind of a weird concept I think. The idea that if certain things are worn, owned or done that good things will follow, and if they are omitted, or if, heaven forbid, you break a mirror, or step on the cracks, or do just about anything on Friday the 13th, then bad things will follow. Where did this concept come from?

Who do the bad and good things come from? Is someone watching and keeping a note of what things are done/said/omitted?

In America it is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. In Scotland the same thing is considered good luck.

I don’t believe in luck. Not because I’m a spoilsport, but because it is just daft. I believe in God. And I don’t believe he is bothered if I break a mirror or wear red. 

I believe he is bothered if I don’t love others. If I don’t show mercy. If I don’t seek justice for those who are vulnerable. If I don’t love Jesus.

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