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Thursday, 16 July 2015

On Being a Gramma

Love is what we’re all about.

Relationship is the key to life. It starts with the Trinity and the amazing love entanglement that is. Then we are invited into it – incredible.

I have the amazing privilege of being a Gramma. I have one precious granddaughter (so far ...) and I cannot understand the tendency of other men and women of my age to choose random names for their grandchildren to call them. To me, it is so amazing to be a Gramma. I want to celebrate our relationship and am delighted to be known as wee Flick’s gramma.

Jesus taught his disciples to call the Father Abba, Daddy. An intimate, loving name signifying a close bond, a loving relationship – incredible when we are talking about the Creator of the world. If he doesn’t mind being called Abba by me, his most imperfect daughter ... not only doesn’t mind but positively wants to be known as Abba, to be known by me and you ... Wow. 

I had the joy yesterday of spending a few hours with my wee Flick. What a delight she is – scrunching up her nose, turning her head on its side, enjoying endless games of peek a boo, finding her voice and new ways to twist and turn and hold her wee body. She seems to wake up smiling and chatting and ready to go into a new portion of the day – 

She doesn’t have to do anything in particular to earn my love. From the moment she was born my heart was engaged with that wee soul. I wasn’t prepared for the feelings I would have – different from the intense love bond with my own four children, but just as deep and everlasting. 

We don’t have to do anything in particular for our Abba to love us. He just does. And he just wants us to enjoy exploring our relationship in Jesus with him – experimenting with how to grow and develop spiritually. We can’t get it wrong, even when we apparently fall on our faces. 

Whatever we do, Abba loves us. Whatever Flick does, Gramma loves her.

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