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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Bully in the Bushes

When I was about 5 or 6, there was a bully down the street who had a pet snake. Day after day he threatened to throw his snake on me. As I approached his house going to and from school, I would fearfully pick up the pace and hope to get past without him seeing me.

The day came when he burst out of his screen door carrying a wood and screen cage, in which lived the dreaded snake. He ran down the sloping grass towards me and I screamed. Then, to my amazement, he turned and fled back towards the house.

He hadn’t reckoned on my big sister. She was bearing down on him, shouting at him to leave her little sister alone. 

And from then on, he did.

I am still thinking about that wonderful phrase describing the purpose of life: ‘we are all walking each other home’. Sometimes our lives are threatened by bullies in the bushes and we cry out for a protector. Of course God is always our protector but there are times when a big sister/brother fighting our corner is what is very welcome indeed. 

Sometimes we are the big sister/brother to others who are walking a dark or fearful path. We are needed to chase off the threats. 

My sister was only 7 or 8, and she did it in person, but as a Christian I believe in the absolute power of prayer, and our ability to stand with others, in encouragement and also in spiritual warfare when there are fiery darts heading their way. That’s what the family of God is all about. A community walking each other home, prayerfully and practically.

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