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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Rogue Roots

As I sit in the prayer alcove and gaze out the window, I notice the way the pretty bush outside is shooting random branches in all directions. Then I see the thorny stems of a rogue wild rose weaving between the bush’s branches. And bird-planted seedling of a Norwegian spruce. Not to mention a couple of purple willow herb weeds and even a straggling honeysuckle. 

Gosh, I wasn’t away that long but it doesn’t take long for the weeds and unwanted plants to infiltrate and take root. 

Life is all about change. Some is welcome. The bush itself is about to burst into pretty pink flowers, dainty and profuse. Some is unwelcome. Weeds winding their roots in and out of the roots of this bush (whose name I do not know!). 

The bush of life is beautiful but requires diligence to prevent unwanted entanglements to stunt or hamper its growth. Today I have heard the news of another acquaintance facing terminal cancer. That’s the third in as many months. Tragic and sad but still, the bush of life is beautiful. God is love. I will continue to see his love and his faithfulness even through the tears and sorrow. I don’t understand but he does, and because he is love we can be assured that in the end, all will be well.

Change is hard. My dear mother is struggling to adjust to a new environment, a new way of life, at nearly 91. Her own things surround her but other than that, everything is different. It’s so sad. I don’t like the change either, but I will pull back and see the big picture from the eternal perspective Jesus has given us by ascending to heaven and taking us in him. (Ephesians). 

Focusing on the hope, trusting in the promises, takes diligence and effort, but with God’s help I am sure it is possible to walk through any season in his peace and in his presence.

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