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Monday, 27 July 2015


I’d just started frying potatoes for dinner. The rainbow trout waited in the fridge for its flash in the pan with some slivered almonds, and the spinach sat washed and ready to lightly boil. Without warning, without so much as a clap of thunder or flash of lightning, the power cut out. 

All the background whirrs and hums that are part of modern life ceased abruptly and we were abandoned into silence and gloom. Stomachs were beginning to grumble and so were voices.

The hydroelectric company confirmed what we knew – we had no power. Neither did about 600 other homes in the area and we wouldn’t have any for at least an hour, maybe longer. 

Suddenly the dinner menu had to be abandoned. The B&B guest had to be phoned and warned about our plunge into a powerless evening. A quick supper had to be sought at a local eatery. 

Without power, dinner had to be re-thought. E-mails in progress were lost as computer screens went blank. I was grateful that skyping was done for the day, that the online application we had worked on an hour earlier had been completed and submitted, and that it was not yet dark.

When we returned from dinner, the power was back on. Whew.
I’ve had a lovely but hectic few days, and time in my prayer alcove has dwindled to non-existent. With no live connection to the Power Source, I’ve been coasting, not always very successfully. Not sure I have always made the right calls. Found myself breaking down in tears once or twice. Felt overwhelmed by the enormity of things. Anxious. Fearful.

Lost my perspective. The perspective we have because we are already seated in the heavenlies in Christ. The perspective we have been given through the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. 

Our electric power outage was not my fault. My spiritual power outage was not God’s fault. I’m the one who missed those times of refreshing when I sit with the King and the power is restored. 

I’ll be back in the window tomorrow. That’s for sure.

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