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Friday, 9 October 2015

Autumn Crocus

Standing in my window on another glorious autumn morning, I noticed the few purple crocus struggling through the weedy undergrowth. These valiant wee flowers have survived sporadic lawn mowings, car or truck tire incursions, and general neglect. They haven’t proliferated and spread, but neither have they died. I had to rush out (brrr!) and take a picture of them.

I read in Philippians today that it is God who is at work in us to help us want to be the people he created us to be. Sometimes we are all hemmed in like those crocus on the drive, our roots nearly strangled by the aggressive competition. But we can still bloom and bring colour and beauty into the broken-down landscape we may inhabit.

We can only do this as we rely on God. He in us. Changing our minds, transforming our brains so that we become the best we can be. It doesn’t matter if we’re part of a carpet of crocus blooms offering a breathtaking wash of colour along a river bank, or one of a few stragglers hanging on in the verge of the road. If we allow God to help us be all we have in us to be, we will brighten the landscape, bring joy to others who may be struggling, and move closer to experiencing the shalom of God.

A lot is spoken of mindfulness these days, mostly extolling its benefits as its practice proliferates into the classrooms and boardrooms. Much more effective than focusing on myself, though, and on my breathing or my position in the chair or the sounds around me at that moment is focusing on God, the source of all possibilities, the one whose answer is always YES. 

The one who gave up his life for me.

As I sat silent and still in my window ledge, I waited to hear his voice, to sense his presence, and I did. Maybe today I can be a little more like one of those crocus blooms, bringing colour and beauty (as Christ shines through me) into any situations I may encounter.

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